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Steel Made Hydraulic Water Ram Pump uses Waterpower for irrigation or lifestock

Steel Made Hydraulic Water Ram Pump uses Waterpower for irrigation or lifestock

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Unbeatable in terms of price/performance ratio!
Order now at an affordable price! Secure your hydraulic ram now - the only solution with patented technology. Buy today and generate free, environmentally friendly energy! Secure your energy independence now! Start your own energy project today with our hydraulic ram.

Our hydraulic ram is the incomparable solution with a unique selling point in terms of sustainability, price, robustness, stability and simplicity. Act now and secure your hydraulic ram. Pump and irrigate your garden, fields and animals with our hydraulic ram!

Hydraulic ram water pump (also ram pump or rampump)A hydraulic ram or ram pump is a water pump that generates the energy for pumping itself. It works WITHOUT electricity or other fuel!

This technology has been known and used for 300 years. In order for the ram to run, it needs a water gradient of around 0.5m. For operation, only a correspondingly long pipe is connected. The amount of water required can vary within a fairly wide range. The installation is also quite manageable for laypeople.

Our new Aries model offers even more advantages. It is significantly more stable, more stable, more durable and simpler. The mechanics work independently of the installation angle of the ram. The so-called working valve works with spring tension. This makes it possible to easily adjust the spring tension for pump height or delivery rate. - This hydraulic ram is itself powered only by water. - Ideal for irrigating fields, gardens, households, cow troughs, fish ponds, etc. - Additional electrical or other auxiliary energy is NOT necessary. - once started, the ram runs all by itself.- Pump height and pump power can be adjusted manually.- Only flowing (and falling) water is required for operation, such as from a stream.- The minimum head of the so-called process water is approx .0.5m. The amount of so-called process water must be at least enough so that the inlet pipe always remains completely filled. - If there is not enough water, you can also use a collector. - The operational safety and performance are very high with this ram. The maintenance and care is minimal. - A series or parallel connection of hydraulic rams is possible in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit! - The technology of the water ram is centuries old and well proven. - This pump works according to the pressure surge technology. There is a wealth of information on the internet about how it works and how it can be used. Technical data: - Weight: approx. 8kg
- Height of inlet (process water) 0.5 to 10 m
- Pipe diameter inlet 50 mm pipe (2")
- Pipe diameter on the pump side 3/4" (inch pipe thread)
- Dimensions approx. 450 x 140 x 240 mm
- Pumping height depends on the head of the input water/process water
- Sales/delivery as shown. Unbeatable price/performance ratio!
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