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fuxus Nitinol Memory Metal Springs Shape Memory Alloy Spring, shape memory alloy

fuxus Nitinol Memory Metal Springs Shape Memory Alloy Spring, shape memory alloy

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This Nitinol tension spring can be pulled apart when it is cold; if you heat it to approx. 65C it will then pull apart
together instantly and powerfully.
This alloy is also called a shape memory alloy. There are many different applications for this.
In America they tried and are still trying worldwide to build a machine that
that works with heat. This is called the “Nitinol Heat Engine”. You can find various applications on the topic on YouTube.
But you can also simply pull this feather apart by hand under the astonished eyes of onlookers as a gag and then throw it into the hot water. As soon as the spring touches the hot water, it immediately retracts into its original shape.
After it has cooled down, the game can start again from the beginning.
Nitinol spring
Reset temperature approx. 65C
Total length in initial state: 25mm (including eyelets)
Spring diameter approx. 6mm,
Number of turns 21
Wire diameter 0.75mm

Scope of delivery 1 Nitinol spring with the specified data

Nitinols are very different. Depending on the springback temperature, they have very different properties.
As an example, Nitinol alloys with higher recovery temperatures are softer and can be deformed to a very large extent.
Nitinols with low temperatures, on the other hand, are significantly stiffer. You can only deform them to a limited extent.

Therefore, NOT ALL general operating instructions that are generally known about Nitinol shape memory alloy apply
all nitinols are the same

Be sure to follow the following instructions when handling our Nitinol element:
- do not test with open fire (the saved form can be deleted)
- Do not deform when warm, let it cool down first
- only deform until a significantly higher resistance can be felt.
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