Nitinol what is it?

Nitinol is the name of a so-called shape memory alloy.
These are able to return to a previously stored shape when heated. The form to which it jumps back can be saved in almost any way beforehand. This is also called “training”. When “cold” Nitinol is easily deformed. As soon as it is exposed to a defined temperature, it immediately returns to its stored form.

Shape memory alloy

Nitinol Wire

Most common form of Nitinol for different applications. The straight shape is usually stored in the wire. This means that if you deform it and then heat it, it will spring back to its straight shape.

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Special form for Nitinol

Nitinol fork

This is a special form for demonstrating the Nitinol effect.

The shape of a fork.

The fork deforms as soon as you immerse it in hot water.

The process is repeatable.

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Nitinol plate

Nitinol blank

In addition to the wire form, Nitinol is also available as a plate.

This allows a variety of products to be produced with the Nitinol effect.

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